Genode Labs Newsletter - October/November 2010


 1. Genode OS runs Linux as Browser Plugin
 2. New Live CD presenting the Genode OS Framework
 3. Genode OS Framework 10.11 released

 1. Genode OS runs Linux as Browser Plugin

 The Genode OS Framework has reached a level that enables new
 and exciting applications that would be extremely hard to achieve
 with current commodity operating systems. We have now implemented
 one prime use case for such an application - a web browser that
 is able to execute complete Genode subsystems as browser plugins
 such that each of the plugins and the browser run isolated from
 each other. A plugin can be an arbitrary Genode application or
 subsystem, in particular a complete virtualized Linux OS. The
 isolation goes as far as the mere existence of the web browser
 can be hidden from the plugin. The browser, in turn, defines the
 way the plugin is presented on screen but it can neither access
 any data processed by the plugin nor observe any user interaction
 with the plugin. Because the browser is outside the trusted
 computing base of such as plugin, new applications for running web
 services in a highly secure manner become possible.

 2. New Live CD presenting the Genode OS Framework

 The web browser mentioned above is one of the tech demos that we
 compiled on a new Live CD of the Genode OS Framework. The Live CD
 can be booted on a standard PC and shows off the current state of
 the framework. Among the things to see are Qt4 applications running
 directly on a microkernel, a Linux subsystem that is tightly
 integrated with Genode services, the famous Gears OpenGL demo,
 and the mentioned web browser.

 If you are curious about seeing Genode in action, the easiest way
 is running the Live CD in VirtualBox. Please find the ISO image
 and further instructions at the following website


 As a technical note, the Live CD involves more than 40 components
 orchestrated in one dynamic environment. These components include
 user-level device drivers for USB HID, ATAPI, networking,
 hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, PS/2, and audio output. On top
 of these drivers, there are protocol stacks such as multiple
 TCP/IP stacks running in parallel, the Gallium3D stack, and
 an on-demand-paged ISO9660 file system. These protocol stacks,
 in turn, form the basis for highly complex applications, the
 web browser being the most significant example.

 Have fun seeing all these components working together!

 3. Genode OS Framework 10.11 released

 The work on the Live CD motivated a vast amount of improvements
 throughout the framework. The result of these efforts is now
 available as the Genode OS Framework version 10.11.

 The new version introduces an execution environment for reusing
 device drivers of the gPXE project, enables the use of user-level
 on-demand paging, enhances the GUI server to support session
 colors and alpha blending, and further advances the integration
 of a user-level Linux kernel with native Genode interfaces.
 In addition, there are new components such as a virtual network
 bridge and a http-based block driver.

 Learn more about these and many more improvements in the release
 notes of version 10.11:


 The new release is available for download here:


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