Genode Labs Newsletter - February/March 2011


 1. Genode OS Framework version 11.02 released
 2. Youtube: Norman Feske presents Genode at Software Freedom Day
 3. Effective Qt4 development with Qoost
 4. New and exciting challenges for the Genode OS Framework

 1. Genode OS Framework version 11.02 released

 End of February, we proudly released the version 11.02 of the Genode
 OS Framework. Our development focus for this version was to further
 enhance the platform support of the framework. With the new support
 of the Fiasco.OC kernel, users of Genode can profit from capability-
 based security and the thorough hardware support provided by this
 kernel developed at the Dresden University of Technology. Furthermore,
 in order to support FPGA-based system-on-chip platforms with Genode,
 we introduced a custom kernel implementation especially geared towards
 softcore CPUs. The first version of this kernel enables running the
 Genode base system on the Xilinx MicroBlaze CPU architecture. Finally,
 we have upgraded Genode's platform support for the NOVA hypervisor to
 version 0.4. Thanks to these improvements, the framework has become
 able to run on 8 different kernel platforms, providing its users with
 unrivaled flexibility for developing special-purpose operating systems.

 The most significant functional addition is a new runtime environment
 for executing GNU userland application directly on Genode. Even though
 in an early stage, the execution environment is already able to run
 several programs of the GNU Coretils with no modifications.

 For more detailed information about the new version, please refer to:


 2. Youtube: Norman Feske presents Genode at Software Freedom Day

 In autumn 2010, we had been invited for a talk at the Software Freedom
 Day event in Amsterday. Now, the organizers of the event have published
 the video footage of the talks. In his presentation, Norman Feske
 shortly introduces the company Genode Labs, explains the Genode OS
 architecture, and supports the presented ideas with a number of live
 demonstrations. Indeed, the talk was held using the Genode OS running
 on the presentation laptop:


 3. Effective Qt4 development with Qoost

 At Genode Labs, we are currently conducting several projects involving
 Qt4. Whereas Qt4 is an extremely powerful framework with an amazing
 functionality, it partially prevents, complicates, or discourages the
 use of certain C++ language features, most importantly templates and
 the aggregation of objects. Consequently, Qt4 application code tends
 to contain code duplications and redundancies that we'd like to avoid.
 Furthermore, we found that certain Qt4 mechanisms are inconvenient to
 use, most prominently its multilingual support. To make the development
 of Qt4 applications more enjoyable, we created a tool set in the form
 of a small template library called Qoost. As we observed that this
 library significantly improved our Qt4 experience, it may be useful
 for developers outside of Genode Labs. Hence, we decided to make
 Qoost publicly available as a MIT-licensed Open-Source project:


 4. New and exciting challenges for the Genode OS Framework

 As the development of the Genode OS Framework proceeds at a rapid
 pace, we feel inspired to apply the framework to a growing number of
 use cases and to reach out for a wider range of functionality. We
 collect our ideas for future challenges at a dedicated Wiki page:


 This month, this collection underwent a huge update, revealing the
 many fields where we see Genode fit. The suggestions reach from rather
 controversial topics such as "Microkernelizing Linux", over possible
 application scenarios ("Trusted PDF reader for E-Government use"), to
 research-focused projects such as the use of abstract languages for
 implementing systems-level problems. If you are interested in having
 a glimpse at the future of Genode, please enjoy browsing the
 challenges page.

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