Genode Labs Newsletter - February/March 2012


 1. FOSDEM 2012 roundup
 2. Genode OS Framework 12.02 released
 3. Welcome Josef Söntgen in our Team
 4. Outlook on our next Live CD

 1. FOSDEM 2012 roundup

 For the first time, Genode actively participated in FOSDEM, which
 is the worlds biggest gathering of Free-Software and Open-Source
 enthusiasts held each year in Brussels.

 Our focus was the microkernel devroom, which provided an excellent
 setting for our presentations. Norman Feske held an introductory
 talk, presenting Genode's architecture, and demonstrating several
 use cases live. Stefan Kalkowski presented his experience with
 supporting many different kernels as base platforms of Genode in his
 talk titled "The agony of choice - the diversity of microkernels in
 Genode". Both talks were well received. We were delighted to see
 that our project is well recognised and far more visible than we

 The slides and abstracts of both talks are available at the
 publications section of genode.org:


 Following the scheduled talks, Christian Helmuth participated in
 a panel discussion about the current Open-Source microkernels

 For our project, FOSDEM and the microkernel devroom in particular
 were a great experience - not only for the opportunity to present
 Genode to an interested audience but primarily for fostering our
 relationship with developers and related projects.

 2. Genode OS Framework 12.02 released

 End of February, we released the first Genode version conducted
 with our recently introduced open development model. We took the
 release cycle as the opportunity to execute the transition of
 our code base and issue tracker to GitHub and to reconsider our
 company-internal development processes.

 On the technical level, version 12.02 contains the first corner-
 stones for our goal to turn Genode into a general-purpose OS by the
 end the year. The Noux runtime for executing unmodified GNU software
 on Genode has been enhanced to support a fully-featured Unix shell,
 a new device-driver manager enables dynamic driver selection at boot
 time, and our new ACPI driver greatly broadens the number of usable
 devices on modern kernels such as Fiasco.OC and NOVA.

 These and many more improvements are described in full detail in
 the release notes:


 3. Welcome Josef Söntgen in our Team

 We are happy to welcome Josef Söntgen in our team. Starting in
 April, Josef will support us with turning our road map into reality.
 His profound hands-on experience with a broad range of alternative
 operating systems will be of great help to explore the design space
 for the challenging topics that we face in the next months. We are
 looking forward to work with Josef. On GitHub you will recognise
 him as cnuke.

 4. Outlook on our next Live CD

 The current version of our bootable Genode live system was released
 more than a year ago. So it is time for an update showing the
 progress we have made since then.

 The goal behind the new edition is to provide a glimpse of our
 vision to use Genode as OS for doing productive work. Even though
 it will still have the character of a tech demo rather than a
 productive system, its presentation and content will be mainly
 focused on topics important to (at least our personal notion of)
 general-purpose computing. Whereas the previous live system was
 designed to be easily approachable and relatively simple, the new
 system should be attractive to people who enjoy tinkering with a
 command-line interface. We plan to release the new live system in

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