Genode Labs Newsletter - April/May 2012


 1. Welcome Alexander Böttcher at Genode Labs
 2. New office location
 3. Genode OS Framework 12.05 released

 1. Welcome Alexander Böttcher at Genode Labs

 We warmly welcome Alexander Böttcher in our team! Knowing him well
 from the time when we enjoyed being colleagues at the OS group of
 TU Dresden before Genode Labs was started, we look forward to
 joining up with him.

 Thanks to his longtime involvement with the TUD OS group, Alexander
 has gained a strong background in microkernel-based systems, OS
 security, and trusted computing. His particular focus during the
 past year was the extension of the NOVA userland. Hence, the NOVA
 hypervisor has a special place in his heart. Since the Genode OS
 Framework supports NOVA as base platform, Alexander will be able
 to continue his engagement with this technology and support our
 mission to advance Genode towards a general-purpose OS.

 We are grateful to ESF and the state of Saxony for partially funding
 Alexander's upcoming work at Genode Labs.

 2. New office location

 With the move to a more spacious office location, our company
 takes the next next step on its path of organic growth.

 The new office space resides in a structure originally built in
 1728 and restored last year. The trail of history of the building
 is documented at a dedicated Wikipedia page:


 For the most part of its long history, the building was the host
 of small manufactories. Hence it is named "Manufakturhaus". Now
 we are looking forward to spending the upcoming years with our
 operating-system "manufactury" in this inspiring location.

 The new visiting address is Friedrichstr. 26, D-01067 Dresden.
 Please note that our postal address (the one registered for our
 company) remains unchanged.

 3. Genode OS Framework 12.05 released

 The just released version 12.05 of our OS framework represents a
 further corner stone for our ambitioned goal to scale the Genode
 OS technology to a general-purpose operating system. It features
 fundamental concepts for the management of file systems and the
 dynamic adaptation of the system at runtime and thereby clears
 the way to solving many typical problems of general-purpose
 computing in new and elegant ways.

 Functionality-wise, the version 12.05 comes with a new USB stack,
 the ability to replay media data, and a way for executing complex
 GNU software including the GNU compiler collection directly on a
 variety of microkernels supported by the framework.

 In addition to the topics mentioned above, there are many more
 additions and improvements. For the full story, please refer to
 the release notes:


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