Genode Labs Newsletter - August/September 2012


 1. Genode OS Framework 12.08 released
 2. Upcoming support for ARM TrustZone technology
 3. Going social on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook

 1. Genode OS Framework 12.08 released

 With the version 12.08 of the Genode OS Framework that we released
 end of August, we put emphasis on extending the range of supported
 base platforms. The released version features a brand new custom
 solution for executing the framework directly on ARM-based platforms
 without the need for an underlying kernel. With this variant of the
 framework, the typical functions of the kernel are integrated with
 Genode's core. This novel design helps to eliminate redundant
 functionality and data structure between the kernel and Genode's
 core and thereby drastically reduces the complexity of the base
 part of the system.

 The second major platform advancement is the largely reworked
 support for the NOVA microhypervisor, enabling the 64-bit x86
 architecture, adding object integrity protection, facilitating the
 use of process-local names, and changing the way of how kernel
 resources are allocated. These changes combined promote NOVA to a
 first-class citizen among the supported kernels.

 Besides low-level platform improvements, the current release comes
 with new functionality in the form of new device drivers for the
 Texas Instruments OMAP4 SoC, custom components and ported 3rd-party
 software. Among the additions are a FFAT-based file system service,
 the principal ability for on-target debugging, and a way to host the
 genode.org website on Genode.

 Those and many more improvements are thoroughly documented by the
 release notes of version 12.08:


 2. Upcoming support for ARM TrustZone technology

 Even though the ARM security extensions called TrustZone have been
 around for a while without being largely recognized in commodity
 products, this technology seems to receive growing attention
 lately. This prompted us to take a closer look.

 TrustZone provides hardware mechanisms for dividing the device
 into two trust domains. The so-called secure side is supposed to
 contain critical security functions whereby the untrusted side
 of the system executes a full-fledged traditional operating
 system. Certain hardware peripherals can be preserved to be
 exclusively accessible by the secure side only.

 The secure side is supposed to be a static and low-complexity
 software that invokes security functions when asked for by the
 untrusted side. Based on the new low-complexity base-hw platform
 introduced with Genode 12.08, we successfully implemented a
 scenario where Genode runs as a trusted OS on the secure side,
 and Linux on the untrusted side of a TrustZone platform. By
 running Genode on the trusted side, we can principally leverage
 a scalable component-based OS to implement a variety of security
 functions such as a secure GUI, which go beyond the traditional
 usage scenarios of TrustZone technology.

 3. Going social on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook

 To reach the Genode community, business partners, as well as our
 families and friends, we are using diverse information channels
 including the news feed on the company website, the genode.org
 project website, mailing lists, and this newsletter. So we can
 tailor the information to different fields of interest. To go with
 the times, we have now embraced popular social-media platforms to
 complement the existing channels. To follow us more closely and get
 involved with us, we invite you to get in touch at Google+, Twitter,
 and Facebook.







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