Genode Labs Newsletter - October/November 2012


 1. Meet us at FOSDEM 2012
 2. Genode OS Framework 12.11 released
 3. How Genode came to the Pandaboard

 1. Meet us at FOSDEM 2012

 FOSDEM is the world's largest gathering of the Open-Source and Free-
 Software developer community. The yearly event held in Brussels
 attracts the participants and users of a manifold kinds of projects,
 including end-user applications, data bases, programming languages,
 development frameworks, and operating systems. In the previous event
 in February 2012, Jakub Jermar of the HelenOS team initiated a
 developer room especially geared towards microkernel-based operating
 systems. We greatly enjoyed participating. The developer room turned
 out to be extremely helpful for the projects to come more closely
 together. For example, thanks to FOSDEM, we started to engage much
 more with exchanging ideas with the HelenOS team, and got in touch
 with Ksys-Labs who eventually became contributors to the Genode OS

 For the upcoming FOSDEM held during 2nd and 3rd of February 2013,
 Genode Labs takes over the role as the shepherd of the microkernel
 dev room. We invite all Open-Source and Free-Software projects that
 have a stake in microkernels or component-based operating systems to
 join in. Please find the invitation at the following link


 Whether you are involved in OS development or not, if you like to
 meet us in person, FOSDEM will be an excellent opportunity. We are
 looking forward to see you there!

 2. Genode OS Framework 12.11 released

 We are happy to announce the release of the version 12.11 of the
 Genode OS Framework with the bold statement that Genode has become
 able to build Genode. For us developers, this is a symbolic event
 that underlines our ambition to shape the framework into a general-
 purpose operating system that is capable to carry real-world work-
 load. Pursuing this line of development involved working on many
 construction sites, ranging from addressing shortcomings of the used
 kernels, over improving the base framework, supporting third-party
 libraries, crafting a glue layer between the Genode API and the GNU
 userland, and porting the actual tool-chain components to the Genode

 Besides the major topic of self-hosting Genode, the new version
 comes with updated and largely improved support for the different
 base platforms. For example, our custom kernel for ARM hardware has
 been enhanced to cover the Freescale i.MX and Texas Instruments
 OMAP4 SoCs. The Linux base platform has been fundamentally revisited
 to make this version of the framework more attractive as a middle-
 ware solution for building component-based software on Linux.
 Functionality-wise, there are new audio drivers ported from the Open
 Sound System as well as enhanced support for OMAP4 peripherals.

 To learn more about these and many more improvements, please refer
 to the release notes:


 3. How Genode came to the Pandaboard

 At Genode Labs, we spend most of our days with working on the deep
 internals of operating systems including the development of device
 drivers, improving OS kernels, and optimizing application performance.
 We thoroughly enjoy these kind of work because there are constantly
 new things to discover and the experience of bringing a custom-created
 operating system to life is just exciting. During the past 6 months,
 our team has invested significant efforts into exploring the ARM-
 based Pandaboard platform. The outcome of this work is the profound
 support of this platform by the Genode OS Framework.

 To give you a glimpse over our shoulders, we have documented our
 steps in the form of an experience report. If you are interested in
 low-level operating-system development, we hope you will enjoy our
 article about "How Genode came to the Pandaboard" as much as we
 enjoyed our work on this topic:


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