Genode Labs Newsletter - December 2012 / January 2013


 1. Genode at FOSDEM 2013
 2. Road Map for 2013

 1. Genode at FOSDEM 2013

 We are eagerly awaiting this year's FOSDEM in Brussels. This is the
 place where the Open-Source and Free-Software community gathers during
 2nd and 3rd of February. This year, Genode Labs is organizing the
 microkernel developer room hosted at FOSDEM. We have to admit that
 the response to the invitation we sent out to related projects has
 overwhelmed us. The proposals submitted could have filled two days.
 Because the devroom is limited to Saturday, it was challenging to
 arrange the schedule. The final schedule looks as follows:

  11:00-11:15  Welcome
  11:20-12:00  The GNU/Hurd architecture, nifty features,
               and latest news
  12:05-12:35  Every cloud has a silver lining and what we can
               learn from it
  12:40-13:10  Rathaxes - A DSL for device driver development

  --- break ---

  14:00-14:40  OS Hot Topics
  14:45-15:25  Reaching puberty - How Genode is becoming a
               general-purpose OS
  15:30-16:00  Microkernels and You - long path of the
               small project
  16:05-16:40  HelenOS: last year at a glance
  16:45-17:25  The NOVA Microhypervisor Interface
  17:30-18:10  Romain: OS Support for Replicating
               Binary Applications
  18:15-19:00  Panel discussion

 As the schedule suggests, the topics as well as the participating
 projects are much more diverse than last year. In our particular talk
 scheduled for 14:45, Norman Feske will present the steps taken and
 the experiences made while shaping Genode into a general-purpose OS.
 A panel discussion with the presenters and representatives of
 additional projects will round up the day. We are looking with
 excitement forward to the gathering with the community of projects
 and individuals with interests similar to ours. For those of you
 who have not made up their mind about attending FOSDEM, we highly
 recommend to join in. It's free:


 2. Road Map for 2013

 At the beginning of January, we kicked off the discussion about the
 road map of the Genode OS Framework for 2013 at the Genode mailing
 list. From the discussion, we learned that the interests of the 
 community members are well aligned with the goals of Genode Labs,
 which we expressed in our original proposal.

 The development of the Genode OS Framework in 2013 will be focused
 on four topics: improving the framework infrastructure, using Genode
 as a self-hosting environment, tooling and optimizations, and hardware
 support. Each topic is described in more detail in the updated road


 We took the road-map discussion as an opportunity to share our
 thoughts about the progress made during the past year. Even though
 we haven't yet reached our ambitious goal to use Genode as general-
 purpose OS for conducting our daily work, the different puzzle pieces
 are nicely coming together. We also observed that the project made
 significant progress in areas not envisioned in our original plan,
 in particular the profound support added for ARM-based platforms
 comes in mind. Because there is always room for surprises, we are
 curious to see where this year will take us.

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