Genode Labs Newsletter - June / July 2013


 1. Join the celebration of our 5th anniversary
 2. Hack'n Hike date and location set
 3. Forthcoming device-driver support for Exynos-5 hardware
 4. New features planned for Genode 13.08

 1. Join the celebration of our 5th anniversary

 The upcoming version 13.08 scheduled for August will mark the 5th
 anniversary of Genode. From a technical point of view, the past year
 was rich of achievements worth celebrating, ranging from the profound
 support for hardware virtualization and IOMMUs on the x86 architecture,
 over the coverage of modern ARM-based hardware platforms, up to the
 ability of Genode to self-host itself. From the perspective of our
 business, we are happy to continue our walk on the path of self-funded
 organic growth, welcoming Martin Stein and Josef Söntgen as regular
 members of our team.

 We invite you to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Genode together
 with us. If you feel connected to the technology we are building or
 to us as a company, we would be excited to meet you at our barbecue and
 campfire at the traditional riverside location:

   Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/C0luj

   15th of August, 6 pm near Moritzburger Str. 1 in Dresden

 If you like to spend a relaxing evening together with the Genode
 team and friends, enjoy barbecue and beverages, or if you just like to
 take the opportunity to catch up, please send a brief notice until
 12th of August to


 2. Hack'n Hike date and location set

 In the previous newsletter, we announced the date of this year's
 Genode Hack'n Hike event - six days of programming, brainstorming,
 relaxing, and hiking during 11th to 16th of September. In the
 meanwhile, we settled for a beautiful location in the Bohemian
 Switzerland in Czech Republic:


 The location lends itself to a multitude of leisure activities. For
 planning those activities and to discuss topics around the Hack'n
 Hike event, there is a dedicated issue in the Genode issue tracker:


 Please feel welcome to join in, whether to stay the whole time or
 just for a short visit. Genode Labs will sponsor the accommodation,
 but the available space is limited. If you consider to join this
 year's Hack'n Hike, please send a short notice to the following
 email address to register your participation:


 3. Forthcoming device-driver support for Exynos-5 hardware

 One of the highlights of the latest Genode version released in May
 was the addition of substantial platform support for the Samsung
 Exynos-5 SoC, which is based on the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU core. Since
 the release, we further extended our commitment to this platform by
 adding new device drivers for Gigabit networking over USB 3.0 as
 well as SATA 3.0. Whereas the Gigabit networking driver is based
 on the USB stack of Linux 3.9, the SATA 3.0 driver was developed
 from scratch. Thanks to extensive benchmarking and optimizations,
 both drivers deliver excellent performance, which matches and in
 some cases even exceeds the performance of native Linux. Did
 anyone say that microkernel-based OSes are slow?

 Of course, the drivers will be part of the upcoming version 13.08
 of Genode. But they are available at our master branch already:


 4. New features planned for Genode 13.08

 The work on the anniversary release 13.08 is in full swing. It will
 be packed with a number of exciting new features such as SMP support
 on the NOVA base platform, Qt5, and a brand new high-performance
 event tracing framework. The latter topic is particularly exciting
 for us as it will give us deep insights into the interplay of
 components well beyond the debugging and profiling facilities that
 we have today.

 The design and implementation of the event tracing facility is under
 way since approximately one year. Its practical realization was
 carried out by Josef Söntgen who did not hesitate to take on this
 complex endeavour as the topic of his diploma thesis. Well, his work
 did not only turn out very well, we are happy to welcome Josef as
 regular staff member at our team of Genode Labs!

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