Genode Labs Newsletter - August / September 2014


 1. New Directions in Operating Systems
 2. Genode OS Framework 14.08 released
 3. Upcoming Genode Hack'n'Hike in May 2015

 1. New Directions in Operating Systems

 The vastly distributed and interconnected systems of today call
 for new innovation in operating systems. In particular, the
 increasing demands for scalability, security, privacy, ease of
 deployment, and flexibility prompts the OS developer community to
 move into new directions or to reignite existing approaches in
 the light of today. Those directions include containerization,
 capability-based security, library OSes, virtual networking,
 formal verification, and various flavors of virtualization.

 With the conference "New Directions in Operating Systems",
 Justin Cormack of the Rumpkernel community sets out to bring
 the respective developer communities closer together. Genode
 intersects with many of the topics of the conference - be it as
 a user of Rumpkernels, as an implementation of capability-based
 security, or as representative of the microkernel family of
 systems. Hence, we are delighted about the chance to join the
 conference on November 25 in London:


   November 25, 2014, London

 If you are as excited about OS development as we are, or you just
 like to catch up with us, we recommend you to join in!

 2. Genode OS Framework 14.08 released

 In August, we complemented Genode with a host of new features
 introduced with version 14.08. The flagship of those features is
 a new GUI architecture that retains an extremely low complexity
 for its security-critical parts while offering vast flexibility
 when it comes to customization and graphical presentation. The
 key for achieving this flexibility is the unique way how the GUI
 is composed out of several small components that work together.
 Each of those components can be replaced individually. The new
 GUI stack furthermore allowed us to greatly improve the
 integration of Qt5 with Genode.

 Genode's OS infrastructure received a major upgrade with
 pluggable VFS file systems, the move of the Linux device driver
 environment to Linux version 3.14.5, and a new port of OpenVPN.
 When it comes to the supported base platforms, the new version
 comes with an update of the NOVA microhypervisor and boosts the
 performance of our custom base-hw kernel on ARM-based platforms.

 These and many more changes are described in detail in the
 accompanied release documentation:


 3. Upcoming Genode Hack'n'Hike in May 2015

 This year's Hack'n'Hike has just passed. We enjoyed conquering
 paths like the so-called "Rübezahlstiege" and "Häntzschelstiege".
 The evenings were filled with various side projects. For example,
 we managed to improve the performance of the Raspberry Pi's USB
 driver to a level where Numptyphysics becomes playable on this
 device. With the optimization in place, we could not only use
 HID devices but also successfully test networking. Being in full
 swing, we even started (albeit not finished) implementing a new
 SDHCI driver. Other projects were the implementation of support
 for GUID partition tables and the integration of VNC with Genode.

 With those fresh memories, it's the perfect time to plan the next
 edition. The upcoming Hack'n'Hike will be held during 22nd to
 25th of May 2015:

   Location: Turmvilla Bad Muskau


   Date:     May 22 to 25, 2015

 If you like to join the upcoming event, please get in touch by
 writing to <hacknhike@genode-labs.com> or leaving a short note at
 the following discussion:


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