Genode Labs Newsletter - December 2014 / January 2015


 1. Road Map for 2015
 2. Genode at the upcoming FOSDEM 2015
 3. USB Armory crowd-funding campaign

 1. Road Map for 2015

 After brainstorming Genode's mid-term future on our mailing list,
 we finalized our road map for this year. The development during
 the past years was primarily driven by our desire for features.
 With respect to the feature set, we have eventually reached a
 state where Genode becomes viable as general-purpose computing

 That said, we are still not there yet, because apart from a list
 of features, it is important how those features fit together and
 how easy it is to use them. Therefore, the focus for 2015 will be
 the consolidation and cultivation of the existing feature set.
 Still, there will be room for new developments, i.e., the use of
 Genode on the seL4 kernel.

 The new road map is available at:


 2. Genode at the upcoming FOSDEM 2015

 Following up our invitation to FOSDEM 2015 in our previous
 newsletter, we are happy to announce a strong participation
 of Genode this year. There will be three talks held by Norman

 "Genode - OS security by design"

   Sunday 12:00 - 12:25
   Security devroom (AW1.120)

 "Transplantation of VirtualBox to the NOVA microhypervisor"

   Sunday 14:20 - 15:00
   Virtualization devroom (UD2.120)

 "Introducing a radically componentized GUI architecture"

   Sunday 15:30 - 16:15
   Microkernel devroom (K.3.201)

 More information about the talks (including abstracts) are
 available at the FOSDEM website:


 3. USB Armory crowd-funding campaign

 With USB Armory, there is an intriguing hardware platform for
 Genode on the horizon:


 In short, USB Armory is a computer in the form factor of a USB
 stick. It is meant for security applications such as VPNs,
 authentication tokens, and encrypted storage. It is based on the
 FreeScale i.MX53 SoC, which it is well supported by Genode, i.e.,
 Genode can be used as secure-world OS besides Linux running in the
 normal world.

 Besides introducing a novel form factor, this project is
 interesting because it strives to be an 100% open platform, which
 includes hardware, software, and firmware. Hence, at Genode Labs,
 we already started investigating possible Genode-based
 applications for it.

 As of now, the campaign has already reached its funding goal but
 it is still open for new backers. If you feel tempted to explore
 use cases of Genode on this platform, please consider joining in!

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