Genode Labs Newsletter - June / July 2015


 1. Celebrating Genode's 7th Anniversary
 2. Genode as day-to-day operating system
 3. Meet us at the Chaos Communication Camp in August

 1. Celebrating Genode's 7th Anniversary

 It has been 7 years since we officially published the first version
 of the Genode OS Framework. Like every year, we want to celebrate
 our anniversary together with you! Every year of our company's
 history was special. But this year, Genode has finally reached the
 point where we started using it as our regular day-to-day OS (see
 below). When we started our company, this was our dream. You can
 imagine our excitement about our dream having become true.

 Let us get together to celebrate our past achievements and the many
 prospects that lay in front of us! Following the tradition of the
 past years, we invite you to a barbecue and campfire at the river

   Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/C0luj

   25th of August, 6 pm near Drachenschänke in Dresden

 Please note the location that changed from last year!

 We will accommodate you with a beautiful scenery at the river, a
 choice of beverages, grilled vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, and
 the company of the local operating-systems community. If you are
 going to attend, we would greatly appreciate a short note from you
 to ease our preparations:


 2. Genode as day-to-day operating system

 For several years, we have nourished the plan to eventually use Genode
 as our primary general-purpose operating system. Finally, during this
 year's Hack'n'Hike event in May, we laid the groundwork to move our
 daily computing routine from Linux to Genode, with me (Norman) playing
 the role of the guinea pig. The Hack'n'Hike took place at a magnificent
 place called "Turmvilla" in Bad Muskau. Hence, we picked Turmvilla as
 the codename for this undertaking.

 Since the beginning of June, I am exclusively using a Genode-based
 operating system on my Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. The key ingredients to
 make this possible are the NOVA microhypervisor, VirtualBox, the Intel
 Wireless Stack, Rump-kernel-based file systems, and the Noux runtime.
 VirtualBox runs GNU/Linux (aka the "Rich OS") as guest OS, which is
 used for those applications that are not yet directly available on
 Genode. Thanks to the sophisticated integration features of VirtualBox,
 the rich OS world and the Genode world are able to interact in a very
 comfortable way. Noux is used to execute command-line-based GNU
 software such as coreutils, bash, and Vim directly on Genode. Thereby,
 it covers the fundamental needs with respect to managing and editing

 I am happy to report that the system runs stable and fast enough to
 be productive and to enjoy the daily computing work. The transition
 was actually much smoother than expected. Given this overly positive
 experience, the other members of our team will likely follow the
 precedent very soon. For those of you who are eager to follow this
 line of development, the Turmvilla system scenario is discussed in
 more detail at the following issue:


 As a word of warning, the current state should be considered as
 highly experimental. Once it reaches a state that is ready for a
 broader user base than us regular developers, we plan to publish a
 proper guide for using it.

 3. Meet us at the Chaos Communication Camp in August

 Every four years, the Chaos Computer Club holds a hacker camp
 located at some place in the middle of nowhere. This year, the
 camp will take place during August 13 to 17 in Mildenberg in
 Brandenburg. A huge crowd of technology enthusiasts will gather
 to enjoy the company of creative people, learn about all kinds of
 technology, and work on their projects. Tickets for the event
 are still available until the end of July:


 Among the attendees, there will be a few Genode developers such as
 Stefan Kalkowski and me (Norman). If you happen to attend the
 CCC camp and like to catch up with us, we'd be delighted to hear
 from you!

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