Genode Labs Newsletter - December 2015 / January 2016


 1. Genode talks at FOSDEM 2016
 2. Road Map 2016
 3. Upcoming Hack'n'Hike end of May

 1. Genode talks at FOSDEM 2016

 The schedule for this year's FOSDEM in Brussels has been finalized.
 Genode will show a strong presence in the form of four talks. On
 Saturday (January 30), we will contribute to the microkernel
 developer room (K.4.601) with a variety of topics. On Sunday, we
 have the chance to present our current state of Genode as desktop
 OS at the Desktops developer room. The detailed Genode-specific
 schedule is as follows:

 *Saturday 10:40, Microkernel developer room, K.4.601*

   Norman Feske
   "An exploration of the seL4 kernel from Genode's perspective"

 *Saturday 14:10, Microkernel developer room, K.4.601*

   Emery Hemingway
   "Porting Nix to Genode - Package management without a canonical
    file system"

 *Saturday 15:55, Microkernel developer room, K.4.601*

   Martin Stein
   "Genode's TrustZone demo on the USB Armory"

 *Sunday 10:20, Desktops developer room, K.4.401*

   Norman Feske
   "Genode as Desktop OS"

 2. Road Map 2016

 After we kicked off the road map discussion for 2016 on the Genode
 mailing list in mid of December with a reflection of the last year
 and a vision for the next year, many different opinions, plans, and
 suggestions were exchanged. Whereas the technical directions and
 interests of the participants were quite diverse, everyone agreed
 that now would be a good time to open up Genode to a broader
 community. In particular, the desire for guiding documentation that
 includes code examples was voiced multiple times. Furthermore, our
 aspiration to make Genode palatable as a desktop OS for a narrow
 group of end users received common acknowledgement. Those two
 directions have become the basis for the finalized road map for


 3. Upcoming Hack'n'Hike end of May

 The Hack'n'Hike is the yearly highlight of the Genode developer
 community. We meet at a cozy accommodation for multiple days. At
 daylight, we spend the time at beautiful nature sites, which is
 the perfect setting for letting ideas flow and just enjoy the
 companionship of the others. In the evenings, we turn to hacking
 on various projects, teaming up to work on challenging problems,
 or learning new things.

 This year, the Hack'n'Hike will take place during 27th - 30th of
 May. We picked the Gutshaus Heeselicht in Stolpen as our venue:


 Everyone who is interested in getting involved with the community,
 catching up, or just hanging out with the Genode crowd is welcomed
 to join! As every year, the Hack'n'Hike is sponsored by Genode Labs.
 So your participation/accommodation is free. Please let us know
 until the 26th of January if you like to join in. You can do so by
 writing to hacknhike@genode-labs.com or by commenting at the
 official Hack'n'Hike issue:


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