Genode Labs Newsletter - June / July 2016


 1. Celebrating Genode's 8th Anniversary
 2. Flex4Apps project funded by the EU
 3. Genode's support for the seL4 kernel is shaping up

 1. Celebrating Genode's 8th Anniversary

 Every summer since 2009, we celebrate the progress of Genode together
 with the community by a casual barbecue and campfire at the Elbe river
 banks. There are many reasons to celebrate: The four quarterly
 releases of the past year were packed with intriguing topics, ranging
 from the exploration of the RISC-V architecture, over the introduction
 of kernel support for Muen and seL4, to the creation of novel GUI and
 file-system stacks. Besides the engagement with these exciting topics,
 the dedication of the developer team has gradually moved from
 feature-centric development toward the cultivation of a sustainable
 and high-quality code base. This is now embodied in all major parts of
 the framework, including the fundamentally revised API, its mature
 tools, the quality and scope of the automated tests, the up-to-date
 documentation, and the open work flow. We are delighted by positive
 feedback we have received so far and are especially happy about the
 growing developer community outside of Genode Labs.

 To recall the past year's events, glimpse at our next steps, and get
 together with the friends of Genode, we invite you to our anniversary

   Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/C0luj

   1st of September, 6 pm near Drachenschänke in Dresden

 Enjoy grilled vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, have a drink, chat
 with the people of Dresden's operating-systems community, and relax at
 the nice scenery at the river! If you are going to attend, we would
 greatly appreciate a short note from you to ease our preparations:


 2. Flex4Apps project funded by the EU

 We are proud to announce that Genode Labs is part of the German
 consortium of the Flex4Apps project - funded by the European Union,
 which is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and
 Research. The Flex4Apps project addresses the challenges of monitoring
 and optimizing large, distributed, cyber-physical systems. Starting in
 August 2016, we collaborate with Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, T-Systems,
 Fraunhofer, NXP Semiconductors, HiConnect, and Provedo in the German

 The goal of the project is to provide a solution to manage the high
 data volumes and complexity of system monitoring whilst disturbing the
 target system as little as possible. Our genuine interest in the
 project is to fathom prospects to establish Genode as a comprehensive
 platform that scales from  small CPS up to cloud infrastructure for
 data processing and storage. This opens up versatile options to place
 workloads in the project's usage scenarios.

 3. Genode's support for the seL4 kernel is shaping up

 We have experimented with the seL4 microkernel since the end of 2015.
 Until recently, this line of work was a side project with sporadic
 activity. However, motivated by the extremely pleasant interaction
 with the people behind seL4  and the growing popularity of this
 kernel, we have now ramped up our efforts. The goal is to promote seL4
 to a fully and regularly supported Genode base platform.

 On that account, the upcoming Genode release - scheduled for the end
 of August - will bring the ability to run interactive and highly dynamic
 system scenarios on seL4, and to leverage over hundred Genode components
 on top of this kernel.

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