Genode Labs Newsletter - August / September 2016


 1. Interactive and dynamic workloads on top of the seL4 kernel
 2. Genode OS Framework 16.08 released
 3. Symposium on Networked Security / Industrie 4.0

 1. Interactive and dynamic workloads on top of the seL4 kernel

 SeL4 promises to be a firm foundation for trustworthy systems because
 it is widely regarded as the world's most advanced open-source
 microkernel. The kernel applies the lessons learned in twenty years of
 L4 microkernel research and commercial deployment. In addition, seL4
 underwent a complete formal verification and is accompanied by a
 functional correctness proof of its implementation as well as a
 complete proof chain of high-level security properties down to the
 executable binary. SeL4 was designed to accommodate dynamic operating
 systems with high assurance requirements but up to now, its current
 use cases remain static in nature or combine static components with

 Here Genode comes into play with the ambition to provide an operating
 system framework for today's dynamic workloads and security demands.
 We are proud to announce that Genode 16.08 makes the entirety of the
 framework's drivers, protocol stacks, libraries, and applications
 available on top of the seL4 kernel. This enables users of seL4 to
 compose dynamic and interactive scenarios from a plethora of
 ready-to-use Genode components. For illustrating the potential, we
 assembled a live scenario that can be tested in a virtual machine or
 directly on PC hardware.


 2. Genode OS Framework 16.08 released

 Beyond the vastly improved support for seL4, the new release brings a
 lot of improvements in other areas ranging from networking over
 virtualization to new tools for statistical profiling.

 One highlight is the virtual networking component for routing and NAT
 accompanied with the ability to use the TOR network. In contrast to
 existing approaches, the crucial code base needed to anonymize the
 network traffic, namely the TOR proxy component, depends on a much
 less complex code base as it is executed as a component on Genode.
 Especially in combination with virtualization, this scenario might
 become an interesting technological base for approaches like TAILS or

 The ability to run VirtualBox on top of a microkernel has become a key
 feature of Genode that underwent two major improvements in the last
 release cycle. First, the developers from Codelabs contributed their
 efforts in running unmodified guest operating systems on top their
 Muen separation kernel with a port of VirtualBox 4. And second, the
 new release includes an initial version of VirtualBox 5 on top of the
 NOVA kernel.

 The accompanied release documentation


 covers all changes in detail.

 3. Symposium on Networked Security / Industrie 4.0

 Genode will attend the Symposium on Networked Security / Industrie 4.0
 at the Security Essen fair. The underlying motif of the symposium is
 "Future scenarios are becoming increasingly realistic - intelligent
 software and control equipment are changing the worlds of work and
 manufacturing". Christian Helmuth will present Genode as an answer to
 the security challenges posed by Industrie 4.0, interconnected
 manufacturing, and the integration of applications of mixed criticality.

   Symposium on Networked Security / Industry 4.0
   Security Essen fair, CC West, Hall Berlin

   September 28, 2016, Essen, Germany


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