Genode Labs Newsletter - December 2016 / January 2017


 1. Genode's participation at FOSDEM 2017
 2. Road Map 2017
 3. Open-source license update
 4. Upcoming Hack'n'Hike in May

 1. Genode's participation at FOSDEM 2017

 In the previous newsletter, we announced the microkernel developer
 room at FOSDEM 2017. FOSDEM 2017 will be held during 4th - 5th of
 February in Brussels. The microkernel developer room will be held on
 Saturday in the room AW1.125.

 This year, the developer room is shepherded by Genode Labs. We are
 happy that our call for participation prompted responses by both
 recurring contributors such as HelenOS, Hurd, MINIX, as well as first-
 time participants such as Redox OS and the F9 microkernel. In line
 with the previous years, Genode will have a strong presence as well.
 The following presentations are particularly related to Genode:

   10:45  A kernel in a library - Genode's custom kernel approach
   12:45  Deterministic replay support for Genode components
   14:24  Introducing kernel-agnostic Genode executables
   17:10  The VFS paradigm from the perspective of a component OS

 The complete schedule of the developer room is available at:


 2. Road Map 2017

 After a vivid brainstorming discussion on our mailing list, we
 finalized the official road map of Genode for this year:


 The overall theme is stressing the scalability and stability of the
 framework. With stability, we refer to our line of work towards a
 long-term stable binary interface, which will have two effects.
 First, it will allow us to subject our base-framework implementation
 to rigorous quality-assurance measures. And second, it paves the
 ground for a growing community participation because contributors
 will no longer need to keep up with a moving target. Most of the
 milestones outlined for this year's release schedule are directly
 related to this long-term plan: Among the topics are package-
 based Genode systems, updated tooling, a revised boot concept,
 and several topics that are important for the use of Genode as
 day-to-day OS.

 3. Open-source license update

 Since our first release in 2008, Genode has been available under two
 flavors of licenses addressing different user bases. With Genode's
 regular Open-Source license, we address the Free-Software community,
 researchers, and technology enthusiasts. With Genode's commercial
 license, we enable product vendors to leverage our technology for
 their business.

 For our Open-Source license, we picked the time-tested GNU General
 Public License version 2 (GPLv2). However, the time did not stand
 still. After 9 years, it is time to update the license to a more
 recent version. After careful review of the Open-Source licensing
 landscape, we settled on the GNU Affero General Public License
 (AGPLv3), which is based on the GNU GPLv3 and thereby rectifies
 several shortcomings of the GPLv2. Furthermore, it closes loopholes
 of the GPLv3 license with respect to web applications. Unlike 2008
 when most applications were programs executed directly on the end
 user's computer, web applications have become predominant by now.

 To address possible concerns about the interoperability of the
 AGPLv3 with other Open-Source licenses, Genode's license will be
 accompanied with a linking-exception clause that clarifies our
 consent to link Genode with all commonly established Open-Source

 In December, we presented our plan of the license change to the
 subscribers of Genode's mailing list. The following constructive
 discussion within the community helped us to refine our linking
 clause and to create a common understanding of the rationale
 behind our licensing choice. Thanks to everyone who participated
 in this discussion!

 4. Upcoming Hack'n'Hike in May

 Once again, Genode's developer community will get together for
 joint hiking and hacking activities!

 This year's Hack'n'Hike will take us to the far-eastern part of
 Germany close to the Czech and Polish borders. During May 12th
 to 15th, we will live in the beautiful Villa Lückendorf:


 The Hack'n'Hike event is open for everyone interested in Genode's
 development. Genode Labs sponsors the accommodation, breakfast and
 dinner. If you enjoy outdoor activities in beautiful nature sites as
 well as joint programming sessions as much as we do, please contact
 us by writing to hacknhike@genode-labs.com.

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