Genode Labs Newsletter - February / March 2017


 1. Genode OS Framework 17.02 released
 2. FOSDEM 2017 wrap-up
 3. Google Summer of Code

 1. Genode OS Framework 17.02 released

 Following our quarterly release cycle, Genode 17.02 profoundly
 improves the framework infrastructure at several levels.

 At the workflow-level, the introduction of application binary
 interfaces further cultivates the framework's cross-kernel inter-
 operability to a point where entire system scenarios can be moved
 from one kernel to another in a matter of seconds. At the runtime
 level, the new release provides new mechanisms for adjusting the
 composition of subsystems from components on-the-fly. At the
 component level, Genode's virtual file-system (VFS) infrastructure
 has become vastly more flexible. For example, a TCP/IP stack can
 be "mounted" within a component as a file system and accessed via
 regular file operations.

 Apart from these infrastructural improvements, the most prominent
 new feature is a generic input-processing component that is able
 to merge multiple streams of user input, remap keys, switch
 keyboard layouts, or control input parameters like key repeat.

 All those topics are described in great detail in the accompanied
 release documentation:


 2. FOSDEM 2017 wrap-up

 As announced in the previous newsletter, Genode Labs had the honor
 of shepherding the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM this year.

 We are happy that our call for participation was answered by both
 regular participants like HelenOS, MINIX 3, and GNU Hurd, as well
 as first-time contributors like Redox and F9. We greatly enjoyed
 the talks, catching up with many attendees, and the collaborative
 spirit in the room.

 For those of you who missed FOSDEM this year, recordings of all
 the talks at the developer room are available here:


 3. Google Summer of Code

 One exciting outcome of the above mentioned collaborative spirit at
 the FOSDEM's microkernel developer room is the joint application
 of the participating projects as one mentoring organization at this
 year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. We thank the HelenOS
 project for kicking off this initiative, which eventually became an
 umbrella for HelenOS, GNU Hurd, MINIX 3, Redox, and Genode:


 We took the GSoC application as an opportunity to revisit our
 collection of future challenges, which may be taken as basis for
 GSoC student proposals:


 If you are a student interested to work on a Genode-related GSoC
 project, the call for proposals is open until April 3. Please
 find our invitation and general information about Google's Summer
 of Code program at the following links:


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