Genode Labs Newsletter - October / November 2017


 1. Genode OS Framework 17.11 released
 2. Join us at the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM
 3. Next Genode Hack'n'Hike in May 2018

 1. Genode OS Framework 17.11 released

 We just released the version 17.11 of the Genode OS Framework today.
 The new version accumulates countless big and small improvements
 we made while migrating the entire Genode Labs staff to a Genode-
 based system scenario for productive work. The improvements range
 from convenience features like scroll-wheel emulation for Lenovo
 trackpoints, over a reworked GUI stack, to several new features of
 Genode's virtual networking facilities. As the forthcoming general-
 purpose OS scenario is entirely based on our recently introduced
 custom package-management concept, it prompted us to package all
 components required by the scenario.

 The new version also wraps up two long-term developments under the
 hood of the framework. First, it streamlines the boot concept among
 all supported x86 kernels, which now consistently use GRUB2 as boot
 loader. Modern x86 kernels like seL4, NOVA, or our custom kernel
 can be booted either via UEFI or via a legacy BIOS. Speaking of our
 custom kernel, the second major wrap-up is the kernel's internal
 redesign that was conducted over more than one year. The new version
 simplifies the kernel while improving its performance. Users of the
 seL4 kernel can enjoy the update to the kernel branch 7.0, which
 contains most of the contributions we submitted to the seL4 project
 and relieves us from maintaining custom kernel patches.

 With regard to new functionality, the most visible topics of the
 new version are the further cultivation of the Nim programming
 language for Genode components, the port of game-console emulators
 based on libretro, and the ability to dynamically resize libSDL-
 based applications.

 For the complete story of all the improvements of the new version,
 please refer to the official release documentation:


 2. Join us at the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM

 All of you who follow our newsletter over a longer period already
 know that FOSDEM in Brussels is the conference that we anticipate
 most. Crowds of Free-Software and open-source enthusiasts gather
 to present their projects, exchange ideas, and discuss ways to
 collaborate. In this spirit, the microkernel developer room
 hosted at FOSDEM has become almost an institution. It goes without
 saying that Genode will participate in the developer room again.
 If you are interested to meet us, learn about open-source micro-
 kernel technology, or present your own project or ideas, don't
 miss it!

 FOSDEM 2018 takes place during 3rd and 4th of February in Brussels:


 The call for participation for the microkernel developer room is
 open until December 8:


 3. Next Genode Hack'n'Hike in May 2018

 Whereas FOSDEM attracts thousands of people of the whole world of
 Free Software, Genode's Hack'n'Hike is quite the opposite. It is
 a small family-like gathering of Genode developers and enthusiasts
 who spend a few days together in a beautiful nature site to enjoy
 the surroundings at daylight and enjoy Genode-programming at night.
 It is the perfect opportunity to meet, team up, socialize, and
 feel the spirit behind Genode's development. The next edition of
 the Hack'n'Hike is already in preparation:


 Date:      May 25 - 28, 2018
 Location:  Forsthaus Bielatal in Saxon Switzerland / Germany

 Genode Labs sponsors the accommodation, breakfast, and dinner. If
 you are interested to join the fun, please get in touch - either
 by commenting in the GitHub issue linked above or by dropping us
 a message to hacknhike@genode-labs.com.

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