Genode Labs Newsletter - February / March 2018


 1. Sculpt for Early Adopters
 2. Genode OS Framework 18.02 released
 3. FOSDEM 2018 recordings

 1. Sculpt for Early Adopters

 Sculpt is the name of a new Genode-based operating system targeted
 at general-purpose computing. After having been in daily use by the
 entire team at Genode Labs since last autumn, we feel that the time
 is right to share it with a broader community of Genode enthusiasts.

 Initially, the system presents itself as a fairly minimalistic base
 system, which then can be interactively sculpted into different
 shapes and forms. In contrast to traditional Genode systems, which
 are largely defined at system-integration time, Sculpt's structure
 is completely dynamic and extensible at runtime. The accompanying
 documentation guides the user through this adventure.


 An online version of the document is available at:


 On the way, many Genode features come into play, such as the live
 configuration of components, wireless networking, the GUI stack,
 package management, and virtualization.

 Whereas the current version is targeted at early adopters, our
 roadmap envisions that each subsequent release will make the system
 more and more attractive to a broader user base.

 2. Genode OS Framework 18.02 released

 Genode's version 18.02 kicks off the Year of Sculpt with several
 features on account of the Sculpt system scenario. Most prominently,
 we added the ability to install, deploy, and update software packages
 on a running Genode system.

 Further highlights are the experimental use of the Nim programming
 language for the implementation of Genode servers, a new tracing
 utility that makes Genode's existing tracing infrastructure much
 easier to use, improvements across the entire user-level networking
 stack, and updates of many 3rd-party software packages.

 The release is described in full detail in the release documentation:


 3. FOSDEM 2018 recordings

 Like every year, FOSDEM 2018 was an exciting event for us. We
 greatly enjoyed the microkernel developer room, which - to our
 delight - attracts an audience that seems to grow year after year.

 Our team participated with three presentations at the developer
 room. Furthermore, we were excited about a talk about Componolit
 at the Embedded developer room, which presents the prospect of
 leveraging Genode on mobile platforms. Shortly after FOSDEM,
 recordings of all talks became available online. To recap the
 Genode-related talks, you can enjoy the recordings by following
 the links below.

 "GPU resource multiplexing in component based systems"

   Sebastian Sumpf at the Microkernel developer room


 "Live sculpting a Genode-based operating system"

   Norman Feske at the Microkernel developer room


 "User-level networking on Genode"

   Martin Stein at the Microkernel developer room


 "Componolit - a component-based open-source platform for
  trustworthy mobile devices"

   Alexander Senier at the Embedded developer room


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