Genode Labs Newsletter - April / May 2018


 1. New Genode mailing list
 2. Sculpt for The Curios (TC)
 3. Genode OS Framework 18.05 released
 4. Hack'n'Hike 2018 in review

 1. New Genode mailing list

 Since we started the Genode project in 2008, our mailing list is the
 primary point of communication within the community. The mailing
 list and its archive used to be hosted by Sourceforge. We are grateful
 for this year-long service but ultimately found that our project has
 outgrown this solution. In particular, we became uncomfortable with
 the delivery of ads in the footer of messages, and we experienced
 outages without any chance to diagnose and fix issues by ourself.

 For this reason, we decided to move the mailing list to our own
 infrastructure now. Please note that this is a new mailing list.
 Subscribers of the old list are not automatically subscribed to the
 new one. If you are interested in following discussions around Genode
 please subscribe to the new mailing list:


 2. Sculpt for The Curios (TC)

 The Year of Sculpt - as announced on our road map - moves forward at
 a rapid pace. Six months after the first Genode-Labs-internal version,
 the Sculpt OS has evolved to a surprisingly flexible and easy-to-use
 system. The starting point is a tiny disk image of about 20 MiB that
 contains - among the kernel and several drivers - an interactive user
 interface that empowers the user to customize almost all aspects of
 the system including the installation, deployment, and configuration
 of additional software. Those customizations can be made persistent on
 a USB stick, a SATA disk, or a NVMe device.

 Since Genode's custom package manager does not rely on a central
 package repository, the deployed software can originate from any
 number of software providers whereby the installation is guarded by
 cryptographic signatures. The interaction of the installed software
 with the rest of the system is defined at an intuitive level of
 abstraction, which puts the user in ultimate control.

 If this makes you curious, please follow the steps given in the


 3. Genode OS Framework 18.05 released

 The version 18.05 was just released today. It contains countless of
 improvements motivated by Sculpt OS. For example, it introduces the
 ability to display text in a resolution-independent way, allows for
 the dynamic adjustment of user-level network routing, supports the
 flexible detection and management of partitions and file systems,
 and is able to drive USB storage devices from a great variety of

 Besides the focus on Sculpt, the new version features the initial
 support for the Java programming language via a port of OpenJDK's
 HotSpot VM. Also, the Ada language support received much attention.
 Hardware-wise, the new version improves the drivers for NXP i.MX
 System-on-Chips, adds a new driver for non-volatile storage (NVMe)
 devices, and embraces the modern ECAM/MMCONF mechanism for accessing
 the PCI configuration space on PC hardware. Furthermore, the seL4
 kernel and the Muen kernel have been updated to new versions.

 Finally, the release is complemented with a new revision of the
 Genode Foundations book (PDF) that incorporates the evolutionary
 changes of the framework during the past year.

 The entire picture is presented in detail by the release
 documentation of version 18.05:


 4. Hack'n'Hike 2018 in review

 End of may, we as a group of 15 enthusiastic hackers and hikers
 gathered once again in the beautiful Zittauer Gebirge. Like every
 year, the attendees were a healthy mix of guests and Genode core
 developers, conducting a great variety of projects and enjoying
 the community spirit.

 Among the hot topics during the weekend were the use of Ada/SPARK
 for Genode components, the final touches of Sculpt TC, the use of
 a home router as hardware platform, ARM experiments, USB host-
 controller adventures, and the first steps towards a self-hosted

 The daylight was spent hiking to the Nonnenfelsen and Dackelfelsen,
 with climbing adventures in the local Kletterpark, and relaxed
 barbecue. We'd like to thank all participants for the great time
 we had together!

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