Genode Labs Newsletter - June / July 2018


 1. First disk-image release of Genode-based Sculpt OS
 2. Sculpt OS for The Curious presented at FrOScon
 3. Mark the date of Genode's 10th anniversary
 4. Genode officially exists

 1. First disk-image release of Genode-based Sculpt OS

 The recently published Genode version 18.05 was accompanied with all
 the ingredients needed for the second incarnation of the Sculpt
 general purpose OS. Two weeks later, we complemented this version
 with the release of a ready-to-use disk image of Sculpt OS:


 Now, exploring Sculpt on a real machine is as easy as copying the disk
 image to an USB stick and booting the PC from USB. Sculpt presents
 itself with a graphical user interface that streamlines common steps
 like connecting to a wireless network or managing storage devices.
 The real beauty of the system, however, lies beyond this surface and
 is best discovered by following the documentation:


 2. Sculpt OS for The Curious presented at FrOScon

 FrOScon is an annual Open-Source and Free-Software conference in a
 similar spirit as FOSDEM. This year, it is held during 25th and 26th
 of August 2018 in Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Germany:


 Josef Soentgen of Genode Labs will present Sculpt OS. His talk will
 explore the current state of this Genode-based operating system.
 It will demonstrate how Genode's unique system design lends itself
 to compose a general purpose OS that puts the user in full control
 without sacrificing security by applying the principle of least
 privilege from the very beginning. If you are curious about Genode
 and Sculpt OS, or like to get in touch with the project, please
 consider attending FrOScon!

 3. Mark the date of Genode's 10th anniversary

 Genode has reached the age of one decade! This is fascinating from
 various perspectives.

 First, we still vividly remember the time when we founded the
 project like if it was yesterday. We remember asking ourselves
 the question how we imagine Genode Labs in ten years. Well, it
 actually looks pretty much exactly like we had envisioned: A tight-
 knit group of enthusiastic and energetic minds working without
 friction in an enjoyable environment, a healthy open-source
 ecosystem, having earned the trust and recognition of highly
 reputable people. Our dream has become reality.

 Second, it took us more then 10 years to transform our initial
 vision of an ideal operating system into the software that runs so
 nicely on our laptops now. With the common perception of a rapid
 and ever accelerating evolution of technology as a background,
 this time frame feels like an eternity. But now, we are here.

 Third, maintaining a sustainable business over this long period
 while retaining independence is not easy. But it is possible and
 a fulfilling experience we would not want to miss.

 To celebrate the anniversary together with the community, friends,
 and families around Genode, we continue our tradition of holding
 a barbecue at the banks of the river Elbe:

   Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/C0luj

   Thursday August 30, 6 pm near Eisenberger Strasse in Dresden

 If you are planning to attend, please let us know by writing a
 short note to:


 4. Genode officially exists now

 People stumbling upon Genode often have a hard time understanding
 what our project is about. The notion of an "OS Framework" does
 not fit any well-known category of software. Hence, Genode remains
 obscure to many. The statement "There isn't even a Wikipedia page
 for it" sums up the public perception pretty well. We are happy
 to report that this statement is no longer true:


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