Genode Labs Newsletter - August / September 2018


 1. Sculpt OS with Visual Composition (VC)
 2. Genode OS Framework 18.08 released
 3. Introducing the Genode Component Public License

 1. Sculpt OS with Visual Composition (VC)

 We proudly announce the third incarnation of our Genode-based general-
 purpose operating system called Sculpt! This release - nicknamed
 Sculpt with Visual Composition - introduces a new graphical user
 interface for installing and deploying system components from
 downloadable software packages. Users no longer need any command-
 line skills in order to explore the system. That said, to enjoy the
 system to full extend, the text-based interface is still there,
 empowering well-versed users to customize and control the system.
 Sculpt is available as a ready-to-use disk image that can be booted
 directly from a USB stick on commodity PC hardware:


 The release is accompanied with updated documentation that covers
 everything from a quick-start guide, over an architecture description,
 to advanced topics like building the system from source:


 2. Genode OS Framework 18.08 released

 End of August, version 18.08 of the Genode OS Framework was released.
 This version is primarily focused on device drivers. All Linux-based
 drivers such as the Intel wireless stack and Intel graphics driver
 are now based on the kernel version 4.16.3, which greatly improves
 Genode's compatibility with modern PC hardware. The USB driver
 received special attention as its former monolithic structure is now
 broken up into separate components for the host-controller driver and
 the USB device drivers. This further improves the resilience of the

 The huge driver update comes at the right moment for third stage of
 Sculpt OS. The release features all the ingredients needed for the
 "visual composition" user interface that enables the user to manage
 system components using an interactive graph.

 Further highlights of version 18.08 are a new microcode-update
 mechanism for Intel processors, SMP for our custom microkernel on the
 x86 architecture, extended support for the Ada programming language,
 the ability to route network traffic between an arbitrary number of
 physical network interfaces, and a new way to select the networking
 stack of a component between lwIP and Linux TCP/IP by a mere
 configuration change.

 The new version is described in full detail in the accompanied


 3. Introducing the Genode Component Public License

 Since founded ten years ago, Genode Labs pursues the Genode project
 based on a dual-licensing business model, which allows us to fund the
 development of Genode as an independent team. Our licensing business
 is enabled by the combination of the AGPLv3 as a strong copyleft
 license with the library-like nature of Genode. Until today, this
 model is limited to our company. To foster a sustainable ecosystem
 around Genode, we wish to enable others to pursue a similar business
 model while maintaining the spirit of open collaboration and free

 We eventually crafted a new license called "Genode Component Public
 License" (Genode CPL) specifically for components developed by 3rd
 parties, outside of Genode Labs. The rationale, license text, and
 FAQ are available here:


 As of today, the document is a draft. We plan to finalize it by the
 end of October and welcome any feedback about it, either by writing
 to licensing@genode-labs.com or to Genode's mailing list.

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