Genode Labs Newsletter - December 2018 / January 2019


 1. Road map for 2019
 2. Meet us at the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM
 3. Genodians.org - a new place for stories around Genode
 4. Looking forward to this year's Hack'n'Hike

 1. Road map for 2019

 We continue our tradition of publicly discussing Genode's road map
 at the turn of the year. The initial posting [1] prompted a vivid
 discussion about our vision, mid-term ambitions, and potential areas
 of improvement:


 After the success of past year's evolution of our Genode-based
 general-purpose OS called Sculpt, we now face the question: How
 to make Sculpt relevant and appealing for a broader community of
 users and developers?

 During the discussion, we identified three directions. First, we
 will focus on making Sculpt - and thereby Genode - easier to approach
 and to use. This comes along with fostering a sense of one joint
 community among users and developers. Second, we strive to make
 Genode more valuable by easing the use of existing applications and
 programming languages in Genode systems. And third, we aim at the
 seamless integration of Genode with established protocols and

 To see how we broke down these high-level ideas into a sequence of
 tangible steps, please have a look at our official road map
 published earlier this week:


 2. Meet us at the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM

 FOSDEM in Brussels is the go-to venue for the Free-Software and
 Open-Source community. This year, Genode Labs has the honor of
 hosting the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM. To our excitement,
 our call for participation received far more responses than
 anticipated. We are happy to announce a tight schedule of diverse
 and thought-provoking topics:


 On Genode's account, Alexander Böttcher will present his current
 line of work about harmonizing the virtualization interfaces of
 different microkernels. Apart from Alexander, you can expect to
 catch up with Emery, Sebastian, Martin, Stefan, and Norman of
 Genode Labs at the developer room.

 3. Genodians.org - a new place for stories around Genode

 With genodians.org, we are creating a new blogging platform for
 topics around Genode. It is part of our ambition to invite a
 broader audience to participate in our community. The blog will
 host anecdotes, personal thoughts, hands-on experiences, Genode-
 related entertainment, and announcements. Genodians.org is open
 for every Genode enthusiast to join!

 It goes without saying that the website is hosted on Genode.
 We just launched the preliminary version one week ago (please
 don't mind the self-signed SSL certificate):


 4. Looking forward to this year's Hack'n'Hike

 Besides FOSDEM, our annual Hack'n'Hike is another highlight of
 the year. It is a small gathering of developers and enthusiasts
 of Genode. Like every year, it provides a mix of daylight outdoor
 activities and candlelight hacking activities. The Hack'n'Hike
 thereby presents a great opportunity for newcomers to join the
 community. This year, it will take place during May 10 to 13
 in Königstein.

 The event is sponsored by Genode Labs. There is no registration
 fee. If you like to participate, please register by commenting
 at the corresponding topic on our issue tracker linked below.
 There you can also find the most up-to-date information about
 travelling arrangements and the exact location:


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