Genode Labs Newsletter - April / May 2019


 1. Genode OS Framework 19.05 released
 2. Meet us at TU Dresden's Output exhibition
 3. Hack'n'Hike in review

 1. Genode OS Framework 19.05 released

 With the second Genode release this year, we are focussing on the
 framework's platform support at various levels. In particular, the
 added support for the 64-bit ARM architecture (AARCH64) paves the
 ground for running Genode on modern ARM-based platforms. This step
 involved a profound update of Genode's infrastructure, including
 the tool chain, the dynamic linker, and the C runtime. These
 changes are accompanied with improved tooling to keep the diversity
 of kernels, CPU architectures, and boards easily manageable.

 The flagship feature of Genode 19.05 is without any doubt our
 long-term effort to unify the implementation of virtual machines
 on top of the various kernels supported by the framework. One year
 ago, we still regarded virtual machine monitors as inherently tied
 to a particular kernel interface. With Genode 19.05, we ultimately
 have become able to run the same virtual machine monitor on
 kernels as different as NOVA, seL4, and Fiasco.OC - with no
 recompilation needed!

 Further highlights of the new version are new options for user-
 level networking, the ability to run the Spring application
 framework and the Tomcat web server with our port of OpenJDK, and
 improved network drivers for Zynq and Intel hardware. These and
 many more topics are covered in great detail here:


 2. Meet us at TU Dresden's Output exhibition

 The university of Dresden celebrates the 50th anniversary of its
 faculty for computer science this year:

   20th of June 2019

   Fakultät Informatik der TU Dresden


 Since Genode Labs is located in Dresden and most members of our
 team studied at this department, we join the celebration in the
 form of a joint booth with the company Cyberus Technologies.
 Both companies are maintaining the NOVA kernel as a concerted
 effort. Hence, at the booth, you will see different uses of the
 NOVA kernel, ranging from Cyberus' security analysis tools to
 Genode's Sculpt OS.

 3. Hack'n'Hike in review

 Once a year, we Genode developers gather together with members
 from our community at a remote place for joint hiking and hacking
 activities. This year, the event took place at the beginning of
 May nearby Königstein in the beautiful Saxon Switzerland.

 The participants came from many different countries - Switzerland,
 Slovakia, Poland, Netherlands, USA, and Germany - and equally
 versatile were their hacking projects. While some were working
 at the seamless integration of virtual machines or porting the
 Hatari emulator, others were dealing with network support on
 RaspberryPi 3 or ARM 64-bit support in the base-hw kernel. Further
 topics were the porting of Qemu, updating RISC-V support, the exec
 channel of SSH, and polishing our package-management tools.

 Besides the hacking, we enjoyed a lively exchange of ideas and
 experiences, and had two beautiful hikes to the fortress of
 Königstein and the Gamrig rock near Rathen.

 A few reflections of Hack'n'Hike activities can be found in the
 Genodians blog:


 The Hack'n'Hike was certainly the highlight of the year for
 our community. We can't wait for the next one! Should you be
 interested in joining the next time, keep an eye on the
 following issue:


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