Genode Labs Newsletter - June / July 2019


 1. Sculpt OS 19.07 released
 2. Speaking of Security
 3. Genode coming to 64-bit NXP i.MX8 SoCs

 1. Sculpt OS 19.07 released

 Sculpt OS is our custom general-purpose operating system we develop
 as a showcase for the flexibility of the Genode OS framework.
 The release of Sculpt OS 19.07 at the beginning of July wraps up
 its extensive design-exploration story.

 The story began in May 2018 with the release of Sculpt OS for Early
 Adopters (EA), which featured the interactive system composition
 using a text-based user interface as a visual overlay. At this point,
 it was geared to die-hard Genode enthusiasts only. The second step
 followed in June in the form of Sculpt for The Curious (TC), which
 introduced a graphical user interface for common tasks like the
 management of storage and networking. It was followed by Sculpt with
 Visual Composition (VC) in September, which extended the graphical
 user interface with an interactive component graph. The final step -
 Sculpt as a community experience (CE) - followed in March 2019, which
 introduced our unique federated way of installing and safely
 deploying software from trusted and untrusted sources.

 After this rapid and intensive design-exploration ride, Sculpt OS
 enters a calmer phase of steady evolution. In this spirit, the new
 version 19.07 improves the overall performance thanks to the
 massive infrastructure improvements that came with Genode 19.05.
 The most prominent new user-visible feature is the ability of copy
 and paste text between terminals, graphical applications, and
 virtual machines. Our unique take on this feature is described in
 the following article:


 The new release can be obtained from the Sculpt download page and
 is accompanied by updated documentation:


 2. Speaking of Security

 When speaking with IT-security professionals, we often encounter
 very different interpretations of the term "security". During such
 conversations, we found that our intuitive notion of IT security
 as resilience - and in particular the examination of attack
 surfaces - is rather uncommon. This prompted us to put our use of
 the term into a broader perspective:


 The article tries to systematize various disciplines in the field
 of IT security, ranging from cryptography, network security,
 operational security, posthumous security, over reactive security
 and attack mitigations, to resilience.

 3. Genode coming to 64-bit NXP i.MX8 SoCs

 With Genode 19.08 in sight, we are happy to report on our progress
 with supporting the 64-bit NXP i.MX8 SoC. Our custom base-hw
 kernel happily runs on this platform now, and thanks to an updated
 Linux device driver environment, network support for this platform
 already entered Genode's staging branch as well. The work is
 accompanied with a series of articles that gives technical insights
 into this line of development:


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