Genode Labs Newsletter - August / September 2019


 1. Genode OS Framework 19.08 released
 2. Review of the Genode Community Summer

 1. Genode OS Framework 19.08 released

 End of August, we celebrated the 44th Genode release, which was focused
 on a variety of practical concerns, ranging from the handling of
 keyboard layouts, over the management of system time, to the secure
 copy-and-pasting of text between mutually distrusting programs:


 Genode's development of new features goes always hand in hand with the
 consolidation of the existing code base. On that account, the new
 version kicks off our effort to harmonize the execution of Unix-based
 software along with native Genode components. Programs that formerly
 required our Noux runtime environment - a virtual Unix kernel running
 in user space on top of Genode - or a virtual machine have now become
 able to run directly on top of Genode's regular C runtime. This will
 greatly ease the porting of existing software to the native Genode

 Feature-wise, the new version brings the ability to use our base-hw
 kernel on 64-bit ARM, adds networking on NXP's i.MX8 SoC, introduces
 a new tracing tool, updates Qt5 to version 5.13, extracts SMBIOS
 information on x86, and comes with a new browser VM appliance.
 Those and many more topics are covered in detail by the release
 documentation linked above.

 2. Review of the Genode Community Summer

 From the get-go, we tried to foster Genode as a healthy community
 of operating-system enthusiasts. In our professional relationships,
 we tirelessly advocate the transparent model of developing Free
 and Open-Source Software in public sight. This model cultivates
 the dissemination of knowledge and experience, and thereby the
 empowerment of individuals. It is in stark contrast to business
 ventures that commercially exploit know-how as an exclusive asset
 that needs protection. In the Free-Software world, we are free to
 let ideas flow, share our findings, seek assistance from others,
 and develop friendships.

 In this spirit, we came up with the idea to open our office doors
 to the Genode community, thereby giving enthusiasts and professional
 users alike the opportunity to enjoy our collaborative environment,
 tap the brains of seasoned Genode developers, and get to know each


 To our surprise, our rather short-term announcement was met with
 great interest. We enjoyed hosting 11 participants from 5 different
 countries. The two weeks were filled with topics ranging from NOVA
 kernel work, over various ARM platforms, virtualization, great
 advances of Genode on Linux, stressing our OpenGL stack, to
 the adventures of porting highly complex software. The feedback
 from the attendees left us with no doubt: A come-together like
 this calls for more!

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