Genode Labs Newsletter - December 2019 / January 2020


 1. Road map for 2020
 2. Genode Labs at FOSDEM
 3. Invitation to this year's Hack'n'Hike

 1. Road map for 2020

 For our community, commercial Genode users, and us developers alike,
 it is important to know where Genode is heading. At each turn of the
 year, we jointly draft a rough plan for the upcoming 12 months.
 After having kicked off the public discussion on our mailing list
 end of December and collecting ideas over the following 3 weeks, we
 condensed the ideas in the form of our official road map:


 Our primary ambition will be the removal of the hurdles faced by
 aspiring developers and users. We will approach this goal in four
 ways: Making Sculpt OS more user friendly, reinforcing trust in
 Genode by fostering the framework's high quality, making the tooling
 around Genode a joy to use, and by presenting tangible use cases.

 Besides this overall theme, we plan to continue our commitment to
 the NXP i.MX SoC family and extend the cultivation of Ada/SPARK
 within (and on top of) Genode.

 2. Genode Labs at FOSDEM

 FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels is just around the corner.
 We are pleased to announce three talks by Genode Labs:

 On Saturday, February 1, Martin Stein will present his experimental
 kernel named Spunky, which is a re-implementation of Genode's custom
 kernel in Ada/SPARK:


 On Sunday, February 2, Norman Feske will give a live demonstration
 of our Sculpt operating system:


 Stefan Kalkowski will pick up the torch from Norman, presenting our
 recent development of running Genode on 64-bit ARM platforms:


 We are looking forward to meet you at FOSDEM!


 3. Invitation to this year's Hack'n'Hike

 The Genode Hack'n'Hike is certainly the most anticipated community
 event for us developers. Once a year, we gather at a scenic place,
 enjoy our time together while hiking at daylight, and pursue Genode
 projects at night time. The event is open for everyone interested
 in Genode development. In particular for newcomers, it is the
 perfect way to become part of our community.

 This year's Hack'n'Hike will take place during *May 8 to May 11*
 in eastern Saxony/Germany.

 The event is sponsored by Genode Labs. There is no registration
 fee. If you like to participate, please register by commenting
 at the corresponding topic on our issue tracker linked below.
 There you can also find the most up-to-date information about
 travelling arrangements and the exact location:


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