Genode Labs Newsletter - February / March 2020


 1. Sculpt OS 20.02 released
 2. Our FOSDEM presentations are online
 3. Genode OS Framework 20.02 released
 4. One-hour Syslog podcast covers Genode
 5. Genode Labs featured in ITEA Magazine

 1. Sculpt OS 20.02 released

 Sculpt OS is our take on a general-purpose operating system based
 on Genode technology. At the beginning of March, we released a new
 version with a much revised administrative user interface, which aims
 at making the system more logical and discoverable. In particular,
 we follow the ambition to clearly set Sculpt apart from Unix-like
 operating systems. The new user interface is covered in detail by
 the updated manual:


 The ready-to-use system image for version 20.02 can be obtained from
 the Sculpt download page:


 Thanks to the work of seasoned Genode developers, many software
 packages are already available for the new version. These include
 virtual machine monitors like VirtualBox, performance-monitoring
 tools, GUI components, Genode's custom Unix runtime, and several
 applications and games. In particular, the software depots offered
 by alex-ab, cnuke, skalk are worth exploring.

 While you are at experimenting with Sculpt OS, you may find further
 inspiration at https://genodians.org. Have fun!

 2. Our FOSDEM presentations are online

 This year's FOSDEM was rich of Genode-related presentations. In
 the meanwhile, all the talks by Genode Labs have become available

 On Saturday, Martin Stein presented his experimental kernel named
 Spunky, which is a re-implementation of Genode's custom kernel in


 On Sunday, Norman Feske gave a live demonstration of Sculpt OS.
 If you are interested in the capabilities of Sculpt OS 20.02, this
 talk will give you a head start.


 Stefan Kalkowski presented our recent development of running Genode
 on 64-bit ARM platforms, running Sculpt OS live on an i.MX8 board:


 3. Genode OS Framework 20.02 released

 Whereas Sculpt OS is the shiny surface, Genode is the engine.
 Following our quarterly release schedule, version 20.02 equips
 this engine with the ability to run Sculpt OS on 64-bit ARM
 hardware, which includes driver support for graphics, network,
 SD-card, and USB, going even as far as running Linux in a
 virtual machine.

 Besides many Sculpt-related improvements, the new version comes
 with updated audio-driver support, virtual desktops, and various
 performance improvements.

 For Genode developers, the release introduces a new library for
 building multi-component applications. It aims to bring the benefits
 of Genode's unique security architecture from the operating-system
 level to the application level.

 These and many more topics are covered by the official release


 4. One-hour Syslog podcast covers Genode

 The Syslog podcast is an initiative by Julian Stecklina and Florian
 Pester to bring attention to operating-system-related topics:


 For their second show, the Syslog crew invited Norman Feske for a
 prolonged Interview about the story behind Genode Labs and the
 Genode OS technology.


 5. Genode Labs featured in ITEA Magazine

 The ITEA Magazine complements the European ITEA research,
 development, and innovation programme with a print magazine about
 participating projects, players, and the public-funding landscape.
 For issue number 35, Genode Labs was selected as the "SME in the


 The article sheds light on the philosophy of our company, presents
 our long-term ambitions, and draws the connection to our recent
 participation in the ITEA3 programme.

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