Genode Labs Newsletter - June / July 2020


 1. Genode Community Summer 2020
 2. Mark the date for Genode Labs' 12th anniversary
 3. Steps towards Genode on the MNT Reform laptop
 4. Our consistent block encrypter explained

 1. Genode Community Summer 2020

 Given the enthusiastic feedback about the first instance of the
 Genode Community Summer last year, we have fixed the date for
 holding the event again this year:

   Dresden/Germany, August 31 to September 11, 2020

 During this time, we will turn the lower floor of our office
 into an informal co-working space for the Genode community. It
 is open for everyone working on a Genode project regardless of
 it being a research topic, a hobby activity, or a commercial
 undertaking. The informal setting fosters the collaborative
 spirit for letting ideas flow, solving problems together, and
 getting to know the people behind the code.

 If you are interested to join, please find all the details
 including the registering information here:


 2. Mark the date for Genode Labs' 12th anniversary

 Time flies by. We are now in the 12th year of Genode Labs,
 following the very same vision we had when we founded the company.
 But in contrast to the early days, today we are equipped with a
 mature product that has long outgrown the status of an obscure
 research project. During the past year, this product focus led
 us to embrace 64-bit ARM and NXP i.MX in particular, profound
 consolidation and optimization of the framework, the novel user
 interface of Sculpt OS, and the streamlining of work flows.

 Proud of these advances, we want to celebrate the Genode
 anniversary together with the community and friends around
 Genode by holding our traditional barbecue at the banks of
 the river Elbe:

   Dresden, September 4th

   The exact location is not yet determined.
   We will post it mid of August.

 If you are planning to attend, please let us know by writing a
 short note to:


 3. Steps towards Genode on the MNT Reform laptop

 In the previous newsletter, we expressed our excitement about
 the open-source MNT Reform Laptop:


 Meanwhile, we got our hands on one of the first pre-series
 models and started immediately with the work of bringing Genode
 to the device. Genode developer Stefan Kalkowski took the MNT
 Reform under his wings, documenting the unboxing experience and
 the first steps taken:


 Many parts of Genode are already working, including the drivers
 for SD-card, networking, and USB. For the first interactive use,
 only the graphics driver is missing. But we are taking the MNT
 Reform also as an opportunity to work on Genode's platform-driver
 infrastructure such as introducing dynamic power and clock
 management. So the scope and depth of this line of work is worth

 4. Our consistent block encrypter explained

 With the so-called consistent block encrypter (CBE), we are using
 Ada/SPARK for a sophisticated Genode feature for the first time.
 This makes the project interesting on two levels.

 First, the feature set of the CBE vastly exceeds the functionality
 of traditional block encrypters like LUKS because CBE is able to
 protect the integrity of the block device, perform rekeying on
 the fly, and take light-weight read-only snapshots.

 Second, the use of Ada/SPARK - and in particular the embedding of
 this code into Genode's C++ environment - may serve as a blueprint
 for extending the application of Ada/SPARK throughout Genode in the

 With Genode 20.05, the CBE project has reached feature complete-
 ness, which prompted us to publish a series of articles showcasing
 the current state:

 * Technical description of the CBE as part of the Genode
   release notes:


 * The inner workings of the on-the-fly re-keying and resizing


 * Step-by-step description and video tutorial for using Sculpt OS
   to host a virtual machine on top of the CBE:


 The content is still highly technical. The next step is making the
 CBE easy to use, exposing it to stressful work loads, and unleash-
 ing its full performance potential.

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