Genode Labs Newsletter - August / September 2020


 1. New Sculpt OS version 20.08
 2. Showcasing Genode on 64-bit ARM hardware
 3. Genode OS Framework 20.08 released

 1. New Sculpt OS version 20.08

 Following a bi-annual release cycle for our Sculpt operating
 system, we are pleased to announce the release of version 20.08
 along with a ready-to-use system image and a virtual-machine


 It goes without saying that the new version is accompanied with
 thoroughly updated documentation, available as an online version
 and as a printable PDF:

   https://genode.org/documentation/sculpt-20-08.pdf      (PDF)

 The most groundbreaking feature of Sculpt OS 20.08 is the new
 ability to host the Chromium web engine natively as a component
 in the form of the Falkon web browser. Thereby, Sculpt users
 become able to browse the modern web and use state-of-the-art
 web applications without relying on a virtual machine. You can
 find this new feature and other improvements covered by the
 following article:


 2. Showcasing Genode on 64-bit ARM hardware

 We published the following video, proudly presenting Genode's
 recent advances with supporting 64-bit ARM hardware, targeting
 NXP's i.MX8 application processor in particular:


 The video shows four i.MX8 EVK development boards with a variety
 of system scenarios:

 - Driving an OLED display and touch input device

 - Hosting the entire software stack needed for the remote use
   of Android, targeting application-streaming scenarios

 - Running Android inside a virtual machine, effectively using
   Genode as a pass-through hypervisor

 - Browsing the web using the Falkon web browser running directly
   on Genode

 Let those tech demos fuel your imagination.

 3. Genode OS Framework 20.08 released

 End of August, we published the version 20.08 of the Genode OS
 framework, featuring the technical underpinnings of the above
 mentioned Sculpt OS 20.08 and the 64-bit ARM demos.

 The most visible topic is our completely redesigned low-level
 GUI stack that paves the ground for restarting and updating
 device drivers without reboot, improves input latency, and
 increases the quality of graphical output.

 The second major topic revolves around Qt5 and the Chromium
 web engine. On our mission to bring the Qt web engine to
 Genode, we revised Genode's Qt5 integration and work flows,
 leveraging the regular Qt tool chain. Prompted by the immense
 pressure that Chromium puts on Genode, the release comes with
 profound improvements of the framework's POSIX runtime.

 Further highlights are the modularization of the CBE block
 encryptor so that the crypto algorithm and the implementation
 of a trust anchor can be customized without changing the CBE,
 a new port of the SDL2 library, the new ability to manage
 CPU affinities in Sculpt OS, and extended device-driver
 infrastructure for ARM.

 You can find all the details in the release documentation at


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