Genode Labs Newsletter - October / November 2021


 1. Sculpt OS 21.10
 2. Brace yourself for another virtual microkernel devroom at FOSDEM
 3. Genode OS Framework 21.08 released

 1. Sculpt OS 21.10

 Sculpt OS is our flagship example of Genode. It is a general-purpose
 operating system that runs on commodity PC hardware and is used as
 day-to-day OS by all of us Genode developers. In October, we proudly
 released the version 21.10, which introduces GPU-accelerated graphics,
 media playback in our Chromium-based web browser, USB webcam support,
 an encrypted file store, and VirtualBox 6 in addition to version 5.


 It goes without saying that the new release is accompanied with an
 updated manual:


 A ready-to-use disk image is provided at the Sculpt download page:


 Users of the previous version 21.03 will feel just at home with the
 new version. The main differences lie in the installable packages
 offered by the various developers. In particular, the new support
 for hardware-accelerated graphics can be taken for a spin using the
 instructions of the following article.


 With version 21.10, Sculpt OS breaks ground in another direction:
 It is the first version that is available for 64-bit ARM in addition
 to PC platforms. The following article presents this flavor for the
 MNT Reform open-hardware laptop.


 2. Brace yourself for another virtual microkernel devroom at FOSDEM

 Since as long as we can remember, FOSDEM in Brussels is our go-to
 venue for presenting the progress of Genode to the community of
 Open-Source and Free-Software enthusiasts. Over the years, the
 microkernel devroom has become almost an institution.

 Given the pandemic situation, the upcoming edition of the conference
 will be held in virtual format again. Martin Decky - who shepherded
 the previous virtual microkernel devroom - took the initiative of
 organizing the next instance in tandem with our team mate Sebastian
 Sumpf. So we can look forward to another (virtual) event about
 component-based operating systems. Even though the exact schedule
 is not decided yet, we recommend to already mark the date:


   5th and 6th of February 2022

 3. Genode OS Framework 21.11 released

 Just yesterday, we proudly published version 21.11 of the Genode
 OS Framework. This version is packed with device drivers that
 open up new use cases of the framework. For example, thanks to
 new drivers for the display and touchscreen of the PinePhone,
 interactive Genode scenarios become alive on this open mobile
 platform. On the i.MX8-based MNT Reform laptop, the first version
 of a Vivante GPU driver enables the use of hardware-accelerated

 Speaking of GPU support, the release also features an updated
 version of our custom Intel-GPU multiplexer that has become
 compatible with Gen9 and newer Intel chips.

 At the other end of the hardware spectrum, the release features
 a new take on the use of Genode on Xilinx Zynq, which combines
 reconfigurable hardware with a 32-bit ARM SoC and thereby provides
 an attractive experimentation ground for software-hardware co-
 design work.

 Besides the many hardware-related topics outlined above, another
 highlight is the feature completion of VirtualBox 6. By enabling
 shared folders, clipboard, audio, and USB pass-through, it has
 reached feature parity with our time-tested version 5.

 These among many other topics of Genode 21.11 are detailed in the
 official release documentation:


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